‘Wordless Solitudes’

As part of our 'Conversations' series, researcher James Morland talks to award-winning illustrator and author Sophie Burrows about her 'Finding Solitude' exhibition.

James Morland sat down with award-winning illustrator, Sophie Burrows, to discuss her residency with the Solitudes project. Sophie discusses what led her to think about solitude in her work, about turning academic research into visual pieces and what effect being alone has on art. She describes the process of creating her sequences following conversations with the Solitudes team and talks us through each of the pieces, ‘Reverie’, ‘Breathing Space’ and ‘Return’. The full exhibition of Sophie’s sequences, sketchbooks and notes can be found here. Watch the conversation below.

Sophie Burrows (@burrowsdraws) is an award-winning illustrator.  James Morland is a postdoctoral research fellow on the ‘Pathologies of Solitude’ project at Queen Mary University of London.