Final Blog: Who are we with when we are alone?


The Pathologies of Solitude project has come to an end. In our final blog, our team reflect on the work of the project and how it shaped their thinking on solitude.

Raging Sea Curatorial Statement


Akshi Singh, Nisha Ramayya and Tasha Pick reflect on the artworks, poetry and performances that grew out of a series of workshops run by 'Pathologies of Solitude' in collaboration with Hackney Migrant Centre this year.

Melancholy’s 'soothing syren song': Melancholy and Shared Solitudes in 18th Century Correspondence


In this blog, researcher Daniel Beaumont explores the solitudes shared in correspondence between Elizabeth Carter and Catherine Talbot.

Talking to Myself


Vanessa Lim misses dancing. In this blog, she learns new ways to say 'I miss you' and remembers the intimacies of dance partners.

No island is an island: Covid and the deadliness of willed isolation


Our Principal Investigator, Barbara Taylor discusses what it means to be 'involved in mankind as a whole' in pandemic times.

The Distance Cure


Hannah Zeavin discusses the role of distance in the history of mediated therapies with Solitudes researcher, Charlie Williams.

The Astronaut Alone


In our latest blog, researcher Jeffrey Mathias writes about NASA's isolation chamber, used to put astronauts to the test in the 1950s.

From Solitude to Loneliness: Preaching and Meditating on Marriage and Widowhood in Early Modern Britain


Researchers Hannah Yip and Thomas Clifton explore solitude in early modern meditations and sermons on widowhood and remarriage.

Finding Solitude: Notes on an Exhibition


Illustrator and author Sophie Burrows guides us through the work she has created for our new exhibition, 'Finding Solitude', week-by-week.

A Slice of Life


In our latest post, Tom Wicker reflects on the sensory solace of lockdown baking and breathing out in the face of COVID uncertanties.