Our project involves an international network of researchers investigating aspects of solitude and loneliness. The network comprises researchers from across the humanities, and the social and medical sciences, as well as clinicians, campaigners and policy advisors.

This page showcases the network and the ongoing conversations between our members, providing an insight into the expanding interdisciplinary field of solitude studies.

Professor Thomas W. Laqueur: Revisiting Solitary Sex

In this public seminar presentation, Professor Thomas W. Laqueur revisits his seminal book, Solitary Sex (2003).

Professor Thomas W. Laqueur Public Lecture: Canines in Solitude

In May 2022, Professor Thomas W. Laqueur joined the 'Pathologies of Solitude' project as Queen Mary's IHSS Distinguished Visiting Fellow. His public lecture explored the gaze of the dog in Western art.

Sociable Bodies, Solitary Minds

As part of our 2021/22 seminar series, Michael Rowland from the University of Sussex gave a paper examining solitude and social life in 18th century ideals of masculinity.

Josh Cohen in Conversation with Akshi Singh

Solitudes researcher, Akshi Singh, interviews psychoanalyst and writer, Josh Cohen about the moments of isolation and connection found between patient and therapist during the pandemic.

'Wordless Solitudes'

As part of our 'Conversations' series, researcher James Morland talks to award-winning illustrator and author Sophie Burrows about her 'Finding Solitude' exhibition.

The Distance Cure

Hannah Zeavin discusses the role of distance in the history of mediated therapies with Solitudes researcher, Charlie Williams.

A Creature for Whom It Matters That You're There

Thomas Dixon and Tom Laqueur speak to Barbara Taylor about our relationships with animals and how they figure in our understanding of loneliness and solitude. This conversation was filmed during the second COVID-19 lockdown in England, with topics stretching from the meanings of empathy, to animal evolution, canine grief, and the difference between cats and dogs.

'A Keen Vision and Feeling of All Ordinary Human Life'

Sarah Garfinkel and Akshi Singh discuss loneliness and solitude through the lens of Sarah's work on interoception, the perception of sensations from inside the body. Their conversation, filmed during the second COVID-19 lockdown in England, covers emotional mirroring, empathy, and neurodivergent loneliness, and is followed by Akshi's suggestions for further reading and listening.

'Alone Miracles'

Rachel Long speaks to Akshi Singh about inspirational women writers, poetry collectives, and writing as a way of being alone, before reading from her Forward-prize nominated collection 'My Darling From the Lions'. This conversation was filmed during the second COVID-19 lockdown in England and is followed by Akshi's reflections on Rachel's poetry.