Reading Group – Marion Milner’s ‘A Life of One’s Own’

Can we be ourselves 'at all costs'? Join us to discuss the fifth chapter of A Life of One’s Own: part diary, part detective story, and above all an experiment in writing, thinking, and observation.
Fingers Crossed Café, 247 Amhurst Rd, Hackney Downs, London N16 7UN Map

‘People said: “Oh, be yourself at all costs”. But I had found that it was not so easy to know just what one’s self was. It was far easier to want what other people seemed to want and then imagine that the choice was one’s own’. In this meeting we will read Chapter V, ‘Searching for a Purpose’, from A Life Of One’s Own.

Written before Milner trained as a psychoanalyst, this book is difficult to classify: part diary, part detective story. The aim of this reading group is not to master Milner’s writing, but to try out for ourselves Milner’s experiments in writing, thinking, and observation. After a discussion of the text, participants are invited to take a walk in a neighbouring park, and to write a journal entry, if they so wish.

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