Public lecture – Amy Hungerford on ‘Networked Solitude and the Costs of Public Life’

Amy Hungerford is the Bird White Housum Professor of English at Yale University, and will deliver this lecture as part of her Distinguished Visiting Fellowship at Queen Mary University of London.
ArtsOne Lecture Theatre, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS Map

What is the cost of publicity for the human person? This question takes on special urgency in societies where a public life is offered to anyone with an internet connection, yet loneliness has been called an epidemic. Amy Hungerford draws together the history of fame; fresh insights from sociology, and psychology, and cognitive science; and case studies from public lives enabled by older forms of media to reveal fundamental features of our contemporary predicament. She argues that understanding the social aspects of solitude – what she calls “networked solitude” – both sharpens our accounting of publicity’s costs and offers a way to live under conditions of modern exposure.

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