The Astronaut Alone


In our latest blog, researcher Jeffrey Mathias writes about NASA's isolation chamber, used to put astronauts to the test in the 1950s.

From Solitude to Loneliness: Preaching and Meditating on Marriage and Widowhood in Early Modern Britain


Researchers Hannah Yip and Thomas Clifton explore solitude in early modern meditations and sermons on widowhood and remarriage.

Finding Solitude: Notes on an Exhibition


Illustrator and author Sophie Burrows guides us through the work she has created for our new exhibition, 'Finding Solitude', week-by-week.

A Slice of Life


In our latest post, Tom Wicker reflects on the sensory solace of lockdown baking and breathing out in the face of COVID uncertanties.

Coffee, COVID and Porridge


Writer and mental health advocate Kate Stone Matheson describes the solitude of chronic illness and disability against a backdrop of repeated pandemic lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia.

A Creature for Whom It Matters That You're There


Thomas Dixon and Tom Laqueur speak to Barbara Taylor about our relationships with animals and how they figure in our understanding of loneliness and solitude. This conversation was filmed during the second COVID-19 lockdown in England, with topics stretching from the meanings of empathy, to animal evolution, canine grief, and the difference between cats and dogs.

There's Something About Elephants


We cross continents for our latest 'Lockdown Fantasy', as Viv Graveson imagines herself back to the very best kind of solitude with a herd of orphaned Kenyan elephants.

An Imaginary Midden


A new 'Lockdown Fantasy' from novelist and historian Mary Chamberlain, who muses on the ups and downs of creativity and imagination during the pandemic and beyond.

'A Keen Vision and Feeling of All Ordinary Human Life'


Sarah Garfinkel and Akshi Singh discuss loneliness and solitude through the lens of Sarah's work on interoception, the perception of sensations from inside the body. Their conversation, filmed during the second COVID-19 lockdown in England, covers emotional mirroring, empathy, and neurodivergent loneliness, and is followed by Akshi's suggestions for further reading and listening.

To My Adorable, Defiant, But Entirely Imaginary, Corgi


Our postdoctoral researcher James Morland writes about family, longing, and the dreamiest of dream dogs for the second post in our 'Lockdown Fantasies' blog series.